Terms and Conditions of hire


Application for hire must be made on the official ‘BOOKING FORM’ at least 6 weeks prior to the date of requested hire, and must be returned to the BOOKING SECRETARY along with the DEPOSIT DUE and signed declaration of agreement to comply with the terms and conditions of hire.


Deposits must be submitted with the BOOKING FORM, and shall be returned to the hirer within 28 days after the date of hire.

The Committee reserves the right to withhold part or all of the deposit should the hirer be in breach of the conditions of hire.


Deposits are payable in cash or by cheque. Accounts can be settled by cash, cheque or bank transfer only. Just ask for details.

Payment by cheque is preferred and should be made payable to ‘Clophill Village Hall’. Full payment for hire must be received by the bookings secretary at least 28 days prior to the hire date.


Should the hirer not be able to give 6 weeks advance notice of booking, the deposit and total hire fee must be submitted with the booking form.


A hirer may cancel a booking upon giving 28 days notice in writing to the bookings secretary. If such notice is not given, a charge equal to 50% of the deposit will be levied at the discretion of the booking secretary.

Should the Committee be of the opinion before a function commences that it is likely to prove of an objectionable or undesirable nature, it retains the right to cancel the booking and return the deposit. The Committee will not be held liable for any claim for compensation.


A hirer will not under any circumstances be allowed to sub-let the hall.


Concerts, lectures or meetings: 233

Receptions, discos and dances: 212

Seated dining: 117

Hirers must not exceed these limits. If hirers have any doubts about the classification of their event, they must consult the bookings secretary in advance.


The scale of charges are subject to variation from time to time. In the event of a revision after the date of booking, but before the day of hire, the original agreed charge will apply.


Block bookings may be subject to a change of date and/or time. Should the need arise, the Committee will give the hirer 28 days notice in writing.


Keys will remain the property of the Committee and must be returned to the booking Secretary immediately after the end of the hire period, or any extension that has been specifically agreed with the booking secretary in advance.



Hirers will be allowed possession only on the days and the times for which the hall is booked.


The Committee, by prior arrangement, allow the hirer reasonable time to clear up and remove hirer’s equipment and property, either at the end of the hiring, or in the event of a late evening booking, the following morning. In any event the hall must be cleared of all property by 9.30am on the morning following the hiring. The Committee does not accept any responsibility for safe custody of hirers property.


The hirer is not permitted to take any tables or chairs outside.

The hirer is responsible for the proper storage of tables and chairs in the furniture storeroom.

The hirer is responsible for the general cleanliness and tidiness of the premises at the end of the hire period.

All rubbish must be disposed of in the waste bin provided, and all table tops must be cleaned prior to storage in the furniture storeroom.

The kitchen area in general and the worktops and equipment must be left in a clean and hygienic condition at the end of the hire period.

The Committee reserve the right to withhold all/part of the deposit if the hall is left in a poor state of cleanliness.

Hirers can by agreement pay a fee of £50 for cleaning service on agreement in advance.


The hirer shall be responsible, and pay on demand, for the repair of any damage to the hall, it’s grounds or to any property of the Committee during the hire, and shall indemnify the Committee against any claims by third parties for damage or loss arising from the hirer’s use of the hall’.


The hirer will be responsible for maintaining good order in the hall, and to comply with statutory regulations, the hirer will provide sufficient number of stewards.

The hirer, or his/her responsible representatives, must be present at the hall for the duration of the function. At all public functions, at least four stewards will be in attendance.


The Committee reserves the right of entry for their officers and authorised members to all parts of the hall at all times. Employees of the hirer must be instructed accordingly.


The hirer will be responsible for the observance of all statutory provisions and regulations and conditions imposed by the Licensing Justices, the Fire Authority and other licensing authorities, and indemnify the Committee from all penalties which may occur as a consequence of default by the hirer.

The hirer should obtain and familiarise themselves with the SAFETY COMPLIANCE handout which is given to every hirer and displayed on the notice board.

The hirer shall comply with Fair Trading Laws where the sale of goods is to take place.


Clophill Village Hall offers the services of a manned and stocked fully licensed bar. Hirers wishing to offer the provision of alcoholic drinks are encouraged to use this service. If the bar is in operation the consumption of intoxicants not purchased from the official bar is strictly forbidden under any circumstances.

If hirers wish to provide their own intoxicating drinks this must be agreed with the Booking Secretary at the time of booking. Under licensing laws hirers are strictly forbidden to sell intoxicating drinks and will leave themselves open to prosecution if they attempt to do so.


The hirer is responsible for obtaining a licence from the Performing Arts Society for the performance of music and stage plays and or the payment of any royalties for such performances or the use of copyright music.

The hirer shall indemnify the Committee against any charges arising from any infringement of copyright regulations.


The passageways and gangways must be kept free from obstruction, and chairs and tables must not be placed in front of exits. The automatic exit signs and emergency lighting must be switched on throughout the hire period. Any faults in the lighting should be reported to the bookings secretary immediately’.


If in the opinion of the Committee or its representatives the attendance of police, fire or ambulance services is required during the period of hire, the hirer will be required to pay for such attendance.


The following may not be brought into the hall:

  • Live animals, with the exception of guide dogs as outlined in the Disability Discrimination Act, anything inflammable or explosive, indoor fireworks, articles producing offensive or toxic odours or by-products, smoke machines, gas or other engines.
  • No fixtures or fittings may be removed. Any activity or action that might cause damage to the interior of the hall or the furniture is strictly prohibited, this includes driving nails /drawing pins into the walls or furniture, any use of adhesive tape or ‘bluetac’.
  • Footwear that might cause damage to the floor covering (e.g.football boots) is strictly prohibited.
  • Ball games are not permitted in the hall the car park or its surrounding grounds.
  • The hirer shall ensure that no activities that might cause contravention of the Gaming, Betting and Lotteries Regulations take place.


It is the policy of the Clophill Village Hall Management (CVHMC) to give a high level of commitment to health and safety and to comply with all statutory requirements.

This is qualified by the statement that it is the hirer’s responsibility to carry out a limited safety check before use, including:

  • All fire extinguishers are in place, intact, and show an acceptable charge pressure.
  • Fire exits are unobstructed and can be opened from inside the building.
  • Fire alarm is “on”.
  • A responsible person is appointed to ensure a safe evacuation in the case of a fire.
  • Regular hirers will create their own risk assessments which relate directly to their specific use.